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5 simple tips for your social media plan

Two of the most frequent comments I hear from business owners regarding social media is, one – I am not happy with my website, and two – I want to be more active on social media how can I approach this. Every business is different and every person leading the business is different so it is important to build a social media plan that is both manageable, you are comfortable with, and delivers benefit. Here are my five simple tips to consider;

1-  Your website, understand what you want you website to do for your business, is it there to reinforce your brand, target appointments, or complete transactions and sales? Be clear on its purpose.

2-  Focus your social media efforts, you don’t need to be on every site, understand which social media is most suited for your business and focus on this to get higher levels of engagement from potential new clients.

3-  Write a personal blog, adding value is the key here, this is not a sales pitch, share your world of knowledge, it builds your credibility.

4-  Get your employees involved, whether it be on your twitter feed, or sharing their knowledge on your blog, this will also take the onus away from you as the business owner.

5-  Don’t forget email, but it must be targeted and personalised, two of the most important ingredients to a successful email campaign, getting the content right is critical.

And finally remember the goal is to be good at business because of social media.

If you have any more tips or comments please add in the comments box above, or drop me an email


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