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Happy Marketing Planning

Before we know it Christmas will be over, the turkey will have been eaten, I will have recovered from the emotional turmoil of trying to remove the packaging from my childrens toys, and then suddenly bang….. we’re all back at work and it’s the new year.

I am sure there has been some data published that states the first working Monday in the new year is often the most miserable day of the year, Christmas is over, and the mornings are cold and dark. So how can we help ourselves to get back up and running in the new year? Having a clear, simple and measurable marketing plan could be a key ingredient to ensure you bring those new products and services to market, target the right customers, and continue to build loyal relationships with your current customers in 2014.

When I work with my clients on their marketing plans I often get asked, what are the core elements of a marketing plan? A great question, with no clear answer as all marketing plans should differ, it’s a bit like marketing, your marketing has to be tailored to your customers needs, and likewise a marketing plan needs to be tailored to your business needs.

When thinking about your marketing plan there are some key areas to consider, the key five that immediately spring to my mind are as follows;

1-    Your brand and identity – Does it need a refresh, what does your brand mean to your customers and to you

2-     Your customers– Who are they, what are they saying about you, what can you learn from them, who should you be targeting to grow your business

3-    Your proposition and services– How can they be developed, how do they differ to the competition

4-    Communication–  How do your customers want to be communicated to, what is the right social media strategy for your business, where will you target new customers, how should I network

5-    Measurement, How are you going to measure your marketing, how can you learn from what has worked, and just as importantly what hasn’t worked

The most important part of any marketing plan is to keep it simple, how many marketing plans end up in the bottom drawer never to re-appear, so keep it simple, and keep it measurable.

If you would like to have a chat about building a marketing plan for your business in 2014 then please get in touch for an informal chat.

Last but not least, enjoy the build up to Christmas.


What do we mean by partnership marketing?

As a business are you asking yourself the following questions;

How can I reduce my marketing costs?

How can I identify new innovative propositions?

How can we target new customer groups?

If the answer is yes to just one or all of these then a review of your marketing partnership strategy could help in identifying new proposition opportunities, new revenue channels, reducing your marketing spend, and most importantly providing business growth.

Identifying and working with partner businesses can enable you to combine ideas, share what you know, but also what you don’t know about your customers, and share investment to take new products to market.

Combinate Marketing have developed an approach to enable businesses to develop their approach to partnership marketing with a core focus on building new revenue channels.

For more information please drop me an email or call me on 07936 884457.