Marketing Planning


We deliver simple, effective and measurable marketing plans built around your customers.

Marketing planning, (or to make it sound much more complex marketing strategy) should always be driven by your customers needs, be it your target customers or increasing the loyalty of your current customers. You may have designed a brilliant leaflet, glossy brochure, but have you planned where and who you are targeting? Great creative and content are almost meaningless unless you have a clear marketing plan specifically built for your target customer base.

To build the plan there are two key dynamics; firstly building your customer knowledge and market dynamics – to do this we have a process called the ‘Combinate Wheel of Insight’ – and through this we build a clear picture  of your customers and all the factors that have an influence and impact on your business, and secondly we take all this customer and market information and build a coherent targeted marketing plan identifying product/service opportunities, who to target, how to target, and the forecast revenues this will bring in.

The first dynamic – The Combinate Wheel of Insight

To understand your customers we apply the Combinate Wheel of Insight, this incorporates a range of activities to understand your business and your customers. For example what are the profiles of your  target and current customers, what is your referral strategy, how do you account manage your customers. All of this information is then fed into the Combinate Wheel of Insight, from there we start to build the marketing plan for your business.

The second dynamic – Building your marketing plan

Combinate marketing will build you a marketing plan from all the information gained through the Combinate Wheel of Insight. The marketing plan will have clear targeting and clear plans as to who, how and when you should communicate with your customers. It will also include a clear financial understanding to highlight the benefits forecast to be delivered, and ensuring your marketing plan and budget delivers maximum return.

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