Marketing Partnerships


Why consider partnership marketing, are you asking yourself the following questions?

  • How can we innovate and deliver a new product and service?
  • How can we target new customers?
  • Our marketing costs are increasing, how can we reduce them?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then developing how you approach your partnership marketing could help your business build new revenue channels, and acquire more customers.

What is partnership marketing?

Partnership marketing is where two or more organisations combine together with the goal to develop and implement a programme that meets their respective business ambitions.

How can we help develop your approach to partnership marketing?

Combinate can work with you on all stages of the marketing partnership journey. To build an effective partnership there are 4 key steps to consider, these are;

  1. Target partners – identify who the companies are you want to partner with. Are you looking for a partner to complement your current services or products? Do you want to diversify into a new market or target a new customer group?
  2. Contact and share ideas – Partnering is about being open, honest, sharing information on your goals and most importantly your customers. This stage is critical because all successful partnerships are built on trust.
  3. Co create – Start to build your ideas as to how you could partner and work together. From that list we will prioritise and identify the quick win
  4. Implement your quick win – Combinate work to a time frame of 3 months for this process. The quick win is vital, it shows a clear commitment that you want to partner together, it enhances your brand through demonstrating innovation, and it starts to bring in new revenue.

For more information on our approach to partnership marketing and how this could help your business please get in contact.